# Website Build Strategy

Since we use NextJs as a framework, we have used 3 build strategies here depending upon the use-case. Used strategies:

  • SSG (Static Generation)
  • CSR (Client-side Rendering)
  • SSR (Server-side Rendering)

Kindly go through this article to learn more in detail.


This strategy enables us to build a dynamic page initially and update its content after an interval. This is much faster, widely adopted and optimized than other strategies. For eg. for a product page...

There can be 1000+ products, so we will build 50 product pages initially and if user visits a page that is not built, NextJs will build the page on the fly, serve that page and update the build mapping so the next time you visit, you'll see a static page with no server lookup.

Also we can define when an SSG page should be re-validated.


Initially a skeleton is served and once the page has finished loading, you will fetch the data and show a corresponding UI. CSR pages:

  • Account pages


This will build the page everytime you visit. SSR pages

  • Search results page